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November 15, 2017

Union urged to return to talks

A 24-hour strike by the Rail & Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) on Thursday 16 November means there will be no train services or bus replacement services tomorrow.

Transdev apologises for the disruption to travel plans and would like to assure Wellingtonians that we are doing all we can to find a solution and minimise disruption to customers.

Transdev’s Manger of People and Culture David Gould says there is no need for industrial action which uses customers as leverage.

“Our staff will be better off with the offer Transdev has made, and we urge the union to return to the talks.

“We have told the union and the mediation service that we’re available to talk at any time, but the union’s refusal to even talk about Transdev’s claims is hardly good faith,” says Mr Gould.

Transdev has accepted all of the RMTU claims and offered a package that will improve the overall pay and allowances of staff by almost 2%.

“We’re looking to grow the number and scope of services such as improved infrastructure, electronic ticketing, increased services – all of which will require more staff. 

“We have a modern, world class fleet of trains, but an employment contract that dates back to the age of steam,” says Mr Gould.

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Transdev operate the trains in Wellington under the Metlink brand on behalf of the Greater Wellington Regional Council.


More information: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pay offer to your staff?

The overall pay increase of the offer tabled is around 2%. This increase is in line with other wage increases in the market.

Will the offer tabled  create more profit for Transdev?

No profit will be made from these changes. However, staff will benefit from a pay increase of around 2%.

Are Transdev open to negotiation with RMTU?

Yes, we have accepted all of the RMTU claims, and through a mediator have invited the RMTU back to the negotiation table next week.

What is Transdev’s view on unions?

We are very supportive of the place of the Union in our workplace, we think they occupy a really important place. Employee representation is an important part of our strategy for growth and innovation in the future and we would like to have a successful relationship with the RMTU.

Are you proposing a change to penal rates?

No changes are proposed to any penal rates for Transdev staff.  The only proposed changes to weekend rates are for Hyundai Rotem staff, and there are currently no existing rosters which these penal rates apply to.

Are you changing onboard staffing levels?

As suggested by staff, we want to increase staffing levels on busy trains.

Are you changing the way that you staff public holidays?

There are no proposed changes to the process of rostering staff for public holidays.