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November 1, 2019

Daily commute leads to new career

Dave Yeates is the newest of a long list of recent graduates to be signed off as a Locomotive Engineer for Transdev Wellington.

Around this time last year he was a regular on the Wairarapa line, commuting to and from Wellington for work. That time spent on the train led to him exploring the possibility of a career in rail.

“I was looking for a change, something different. I wish I had found this Job 10 years earlier”

Dave was full of praise for his fellow classmates in his school. “The comradery was good, we helped each other get through, particularly being the oldest in the group it was hard to get back into the study side of it, the other guys were a big help” Whilst also mentioning the well structured course for helping him achieve each step.

His new role has also opened the door to an opportunity in rail for his son, Steve. After seeing advertisements for vacancies in train control he encouraged him to apply. Steve is now in training and is equally excited in a career in the same industry as his dad.

Dave is excited to get to work driving across the Wellington network although wasn’t able to single out a particular line as his favourite.

“They all have their own identities and challenges, I really enjoy the variety each line offers.”

Dave see’s himself finishing out his working years as a driver and is excited to put all the hard work into practice.

 Wairarapa Times Age covered this story on the 19 November: